tiistai 21. maaliskuuta 2017

For the Love of Coloring

Coloring book scribbles
It looks like the coloring book trend is no longer a trend but rather an institution. Excuse my enthusiasm: I LOVE IT! A line drawing is something that's complete in itself. The colors just add to the story. This leads to ponder why an illustrator would continue other artists' work. Where's the gain in that?

First and foremost I get tons of inspiration from the intricate works of such artists like Hanna Karlzon and Johanna Basford. Their lineart is more detailed and tranquil than my lively style. Through their work I've learned ways in which to corporate ornamentality and make better compositions in my illustrations.

Besides the intricate images of books aimed for adults I also like to color in kids' coloring books. I fill the images remembering to forget where the light is coming from, how I should weigh my lines or which pens or materials I should use. I let myself play, do whatever pleases me not just what looks pretty.

These books give me an outlined freedom. When I'm working on the coloring phase of an illustration I warm up my coloring vibes by quickly coloring a small portion of a picture in a coloring book before I start coloring my own work. This process relaxes my hand and makes my work more fun.

Coloring books give me a training ground where I put my coloring super skills to the test. On coloring book pages I'm not afraid to fail since the next layout is as pretty as the one before. I take chances, try strange color combinations and new ways of laying down color. I've noticed that some of the strangest and boldest trials with color have been the most fruitful.

I thought it would be fun for you to see my fruity coloring book sandbox so I'm incorporating them as a spice to some of my upcoming poems on this blog. I hope they inspire you to play with colors too!

Who's your favorite coloring book artist? Share your inspiration with me in the comments down below

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