maanantai 2. toukokuuta 2016

Listening to People Through My Eyes

Portrait sketches made in busses mix as one
in the likeness of Sofi Oksanen :D
I read tales all over people’s faces, their lives through the placement of the lines on their faces. Have they come due excess worry or through multiple bursts of laughter?

The faces start telling me stories. They tell me of life and love, caring and standing up for yourself. Sometimes the stories are of tired warriors defeating foes, imaginative or real. Usually the faces keep that hidden and I make it up.

People tell stories without even realising it themselves.Maybe they’re tales they’ve forgotten themselves or remember daily.

So, I listen to your story with my eyes. I try not to stare but sometimes it’s difficult since I find so much beauty in the way you are. Your face seduce me to tell a story of a life I’ve never witnessed.

Light and colors to all the beautiful faces!

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