maanantai 30. maaliskuuta 2015

Tumblring Forward

Hello everyone!

Splotches has been quite quiet recently. That's due to me concentrating on getting my diploma work done for the game graphics school. Yes, I'm a fully licensed game graphics designer now. You may congratulate me! :) Check out my shiny new portfolio over here.

I've also set out to Tumblr! Blogger isn't the very best platform for quick visual entries and in my opinion Tumblr offers better possibilities to interact with others. All my recent sketches and wip-images can be found on Blogger will still be a home to my quirkier, more explorative art project entries.

My DeviantArt account has also seen some activity recently, so keep an eye out for more Splotchiness over there too!

Embracing spring and new beginnings, Your's truly,

Reaching out to the future!

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