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Momma Nature Did it First

At first there's a seed. A small inkling little seed that happens to fall on fertile ground. A feeling. The seed, how we feel, starts settling in. It sprouts and grows a tiny soot, our first idea: "What a wonderful color! It would look amazing on canvas" or "What an iteresting sound the bus makes while taking off. I wonder if I could sampple it into a song?" The tiniest organic growth of human exploration and creation starts growing, fortifyng it's stem and roots. Leaves emmerge to take in the light and then a flower and then... the long awaited fruit!
Our creativity needs light, attention to grow in order for the ideas to come into fruition. Creations need to see the light of day. Sharing your work really is caring about it! When you share your creative fruits, you care about where they've stemmed from, the seed, the roots holding these succulent ideas beautifully displayed. 

photo: Nooralotta Ikonen
So where do our creative ideas stem from? To what do we show our appreciation to when giving our creative efforts the attention and love they need? Our ideas are basically from the same soil, our cultures, surroundings. What makes these ideas and our work unique is the fact that we've personally collected the gems we wish to share while sieving through our treasure chest of own personal histories and circumstances. Individually we may sound like sad little violins, but together we create harmonies!
There is no insignifigant creation that we make. Like in nature, all the things we create have a purpose, even though we might be missing it at times. Think of bugs and all other "nasty creepie crawlies" in the soil. Those little bastards are the stuff that makes the tree grow! Same goes with our creations. Even though something we create might seem repulsive to our overcritical egoes or others around us, it's there for a reason. Trust your intuition. You weren't born with an appetite to create for no reason. Nature's smarter than that.
The reasons we create interests me. Why did this tree grow a purple flower instead of a white one? How come the fruits of this tree taste so sweet? Why does this thought process produce a Picasso and this one produces a Nicky Minaj?
photo: Nooralotta Ikonen
 Like the difference between a seed and a tree, there's always a divide between the creative idea and the result. If our ideas are overshadowed by fear and perfectionism, they will never grow from a seed to a tree. Accepting that divide and where we tightrope above it teaches us to accept ourselves as well. When it comes down to it, our creations are us. If we do not accept them, how can we accept ourselves as growing, evolving human beings? Yes, pretty flowers are nice, but it took the apple tree years to bloom them. Same goes within the creative process. It takes time, nourishment and light, attention to how you create.
And flowers don't survive on their own. They need their surroundings in order to spread and prosper. Us humans with our ideas are the same. We need each other to sense what we create, to take a bit of it with them and carry it like a bee to somewhere where there's room for new ideas to grow and evolve. We don't own "our" ideas. They've grown organically under the soil, from the seeds which have been spread out by the help of others. Everything is connected.
If I take this analogy a bit further and look at my whole creative lifespan as a forest, all the individual plants mirroring one piece of art that I've made. The combined efforts would form an image of a really young forest after a forest fire. It would be barren of the old trees that once were there, only their ashes pulsing new life to the ground.  

photo: Nooralotta Ikonen
 I haven't defined a style that's "my own" and I'm not sure I ever will! I disasemble and make connections, burn ideas down to their roots. How could a certain note be painted or a dna be made into a poem? There's no one way that I feel comfortable expressing myself.
Life is a humongous collage for me. This means my work isn't uniform and tidy. Very often I don't understand it myself and I'm frustrated by my lack of intrest to perfect myself in any chosen media, even to bring any piece of work to it's conclusion. I want to try out everything! My creative energy is sometimes volatile and I often feel quite helpless with it.
I create to heal and ground myself. I create to grow as a human being. I create to explore. As you see, I really like to delve in to the roots side of the creative process. Sure I like how things turn out. Beautiful flowers and sweet fruit make my dimples rise, but I like to see ideas grow, feel them come to be.
I know I'm not the only one who's appetite for creation fringes on the edge of chaos and creative bulimia. That's why I want to dig into the soil of my creations and show the roots of my creative process, more of the the why's than how's behind the works. I'm sharing my work because I want to find out for myself too! I want to accept, heal and grow, find my creative balance and share what I find along my way. 

photo: Nooralotta Ikonen
I appreciate all the amazing souls that really focused and are focusing on the external creative process, creating flowers and bearring fruit. Because of finalized ideas we have learned great many things as a humanrace. These creations have helped bring many small and large changes into fruition. I really hope something beautiful will bloom out of my chaotic creative explorations someday as well. But I'll never see the fruits of my labor unless I'm willing to give these creative saplings the light that they need in order to thrive.
Taking our creativity and stretching it all the way out into the light for others to see is crucial for all of us. The creative work we do and have the potential of doing is worth caring and sharing. In the end, what we create and share brings wellbeing and growth to us all.
Bless all who create and all who share. Let our creations guide us!

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